Short FAMs and Long Trips feat. Yosemite National Park, CA

The past couple of weeks with Backroads have been crazy, but that is just part of what we do here. After spending a couple weeks in Salt Lake training and being trained, I took a quick trip home for my 5 year college reunion, and went straight to Berkeley to start off my summer leading trips in Yosemite.

I started my FAM (familiarization trip) essentially as soon as I landed in Oakland, and was really having the best time. Yosemite is gorgeous, and being paid to go on epic hikes all day isn’t too bad. My first night I stayed in Tenaya Lodge, where we stay with guests, and somehow scored a deluxe suite for just me. I was living large. A couple hours into my second day, though, plans changed. I got a call from the office saying that a leader needed to leave trip and they needed me to cut my FAM short and meet up with the trip that night.

So I canceled my reservation for that night and went over to the trip hotel. The trip went smoothly, overall, though I had no clue what we were doing each day. Because even though I didn’t know the hikes or the basic information about the park, I also didn’t have the Leader Notes, which would have given me information about what we were doing day to day. So my BSing skills really came in handy, and I had to get pretty comfortable with what I didn’t know.

The last day of the emergency trip happened to be the first day of my next regularly scheduled trip, so Sunday morning I supported the bike ride and said goodbye to my first set of guests, and drove to meet my new crew at our picnic lunch. This trip, I would really be able to appreciate the park and know my stuff for my guests.

My second trip went so smoothly and we really got to have fun with our guests. It was a pretty big group, full of mostly older couples, who all seemed to get along really well. That makes things easy, it means we’re not constantly fostering conversation.

I’m back in Berkeley now, for about a week and a half before I go out on trip for a quick weekend Wine Country biker but I’m excited for a bit of a break.

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