Elk Calls and Chocolate Goop feat. Grand Teton and Yellowstone

I have been on 3 trips since my first one and things have become so much easier! Now that I know how things go, I feel like getting it all done on time is so much easier. It also helps that on all my trips now there are 3 camp crew as opposed to 2 – this largely depends on trip size, and it makes all the difference. Cooking for 15 versus 22 isn’t all that different, but setting up 10 versus 14 tents is huge.


I have learned a lot about wildlife since starting my job at Backroads, but one thing that has stood out is elk. They walk through our campsite in Yellowstone at Grant Village all the time, and my coworker mentioned once that they make the most amazing call. I’ve only heard the actual call once (while peeing in the middle of the night), but we have started calling elk call every time we fart.


Every campsite we stay at has camp hosts, who essentially make sure everything goes smoothly in the campsites, and also to check on the sites while visitors are gone during the day to ensure that everyone is sticking to the rules of bear safety. We usually give our leftover food to them, but with an older couple at Grant Village we have become friends. Their names are Debbie and Warren and they are approximately 75. Debbie makes us cookies every single week, and this past week, myself and my coworker Bryan were invited over to their RV to see their setup. While on this social visit, I spoke about an area of the park that I wanted to visit but wasn’t sure I’d be able to see. Well guess what? Debbie and Warren are taking me in a couple weeks when I’m on trip and have a day off!


Lastly, here at Backroads on camping trips we have a specialty called Chocolate Decadence. It essentially is brownie mix in a dutch oven that is not entirely cooked through. The goal is to get it so that there is ooey gooey parts with bites of cooked brownie in it as well. However, I have served the dish almost completely uncooked before and people responded very positively to it. So have we considered not cooking it at all and possibly calling it Chocolate Goop instead? Yes. Have I done that? No. Not yet.

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