Cowboys and Kombucha ft. Jackson, WY

So I found out where I’ll be all summer and it is Jackson, Wyoming! I’ll be working trips that go into both Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. I’ve had about a week and half here to hang out and explore before I leave tomorrow for my familiarization trip and start my first trip shortly after.


The Backroads leader house in Jackson is literally footsteps from a beautiful bike and running trail, as well as several beautiful hikes. My first day here we went for a hike up to Goodwin Lake and boy did the elevation hit me hard. I believe we went up about 2,000 feet over the course of like a mile and a half. When we were close to the top, we realized we had to traverse a snow field to stay on the trail. Listen, I work out and all, but these Backroads people do not take their outdoor activities lightly. So we trucked on and made it to the lake at the end of the trail.

IMG_0939Josie’s Ridge is a trail that essentially leaves from my front door and goes to the top of Snow King Mountain, which is a ski mountain that is right next to the town of Jackson. It is also very vertical, but much more manageable for hikers since the trail is clear of snow.

Besides outdoor activities, we have made Snake River Brewing Company our home away IMG_0966from home, and Cowboy Coffee our spot to work at (they have kombucha on tap).

But now what you’re all waiting for – the cowboys. Our first night here we went to the rodeo and got a taste for what we’d be in for. The rodeo was the place to be for tourists with kids, but also for the high school girls. We saw at least one group of them all dolled up in cowboy boots, flannels and cowboy hats – ready to meet a nice bull rider to take home to the family.

The only other cowboy experience I’ve had was at a place called Million Dollar Cowboy Bar – where the bar stools are saddles and the dancing is two-step. This is where I had my first one-on-one encounter with a cowboy. His name was Colt, he taught me how to two-step and bought me a vodka grapefruit. Colt is approximately 70 years old. When I said I wanted a mature man, that’s not exactly what I was thinking.

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