Training feat. Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

This past week in Camp Crew Training was one of the most exhausting and fun of my life. We moved non-stop for 6 days, didn’t shower for most of that time and became our own little family.

When I arrived on Sunday night, it was still sunny so I was able to see how beautiful Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains are. Our condos are located in Cottonwood Heights, which is nestled right into the Wasatch Mountains, so we have a view over the whole valley. We all went to bed pretty early and prepared for the next day.

Monday was a series of classroom sessions that gave us insight into the softer skills we would need to be successful as Camp Crew. Some of these included leadership, conflict resolution and general trip prep.

Tuesday was when the real fun started – our food buy and Mock Trip. We broke into teams that we would stay in for the week: Dutchies and Pop-Ups. I was a Dutchie, which was obviously the better team. We ran into the grocery store as if we were competing on Top Chef, and gathered the enormous amount of food we would be cooking that week. After checking out and loading the trailer, we made our way into the Wasatch Mountains to Big Cottonwood Canyon and Spruce Camping Ground.


Over the next four days, we took turns cooking dinner for office staff and their families, and learning all the hard skills we need for the rest of the summer. I can now drive a unit (van+trailer), rack a bike, hitch a trailer, cook over coals on a grill and in a dutchie, set up a tent in less than 5 minutes and look badass the whole time. It was truly exhausting – I averaged 5 hours of sleep a night and was never sitting for more then 15 minutes – but our little family of Camp Crew made the whole thing the most fun. We bonded so quickly, and are so excited to work together all summer (miss you, Canadians)!

When we returned to Salt Lake, we received our schedules for June and July. I will be based out of Jackson, WY doing trips into Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons! My team is filled with some of my favorite people from Camp Crew so I’m sure we’re going to have a blast.


On Friday night, we joined up with the New Leader Training group for a tight and bright bowling party that allowed everyone to let down their guard and just have fun.

As for now, I have two weeks in Salt Lake before I leave for my unit drive to Jackson to chill out, explore and possibly get work in the warehouse.

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