I Took a Tumble feat. Antelope Island and Lake Mary, UT

The past few days have felt like vacation. We haven’t had much to do, so we’ve had time to explore and chill out a bit. We’ve tried to avoid being lazy and get back to working out, which we weren’t able to do while on the mock trip – so I went for a run. Big mistake, huge.

I somehow tripped on a rock while running downhill and went flying. Suffice it to say, everything else has been a bit harder to do since then. But I didn’t want to miss out on anything, so I partook in our trip to Antelope Island for dinner and sunset later that night.


Antelope Island is in the Great Salt Lake, which is huge, and only 33 feet deep at its deepest. The water is super still and reflects the entire sky. At sunset, walking on the lake felt like walking on a mirror. It was gorgeous and very surreal feeling.


Antelope Island is home to some awesome wildlife – including billions of small flies. On our drive off the island, it sounded like it was raining bugs. The next morning, the front of our car was plastered with the dead.

Our next adventure was a short hike to an alpine lake at Brighton Ski Resort called Lake Mary. The hike wasn’t too long and resulted in absolutely gorgeous views, and the perfect place to lay out and relax in the sun with a book.


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