Packing and Preparing to Leave feat. Boston, MA

Once I leave for training, I will be living out of a suitcase for the following 4 months, so packing is something I am really stressing about. Backroads provides a very general packing list, but it doesn’t go into specifics. I started my packing list in February and looked at it almost every day in the attempts to hone it. I knew I had to bring everything I needed, but nothing more.

Backroads says in the guide that most Camp Crew prefer rolling suitcases, which makes very little sense to me since it doesn’t seem like rolling over the dirt of the campground is easier than carrying a duffel. Therefore I practiced packing in both my duffel and my rolling suitcase. Did someone say Type A?

After putting all of my clothes and toiletries in various packing cubes and organizers, everything fit very easily in my duffel and not so much into my rolling suitcase. The duffel isn’t too heavy either, so I don’t think it would be a problem to carry it over not-so-short distances. Decision made, I’m going with the duffel.


Before leaving Boston for my big adventure, there was one thing I needed to do. I’ve been to the aquarium (overrated) and a couple of Red Sox games. I’ve been on a Duck tour, and I visit the library, the Common and the Public Garden regularly. But I have never walked the Freedom Trail. And as a history major, I am truly disappointed in myself.

My mom was up in Boston for the night to look at apartments, so my sister and I met her at the Common to start the walk. The tickets were about $10 per person, and I think it was super worth it. The walk was really interesting, but it was also funny! Well, our guide at least was funny. All of the guides go by a historical figure’s name, and ours was Isaiah Thomas, who published a very anti-British paper in Boston. He was hysterical.


The walk itself is very easy and not at all strenuous, which was lucky because my sister was very hungover.

The first stop is the Boston Common, which is the oldest public park in America. From there, you travel to the Granary Burial Ground, Parker House Hotel, Old City Hall, and the Site of the Boston Massacre.

The second half of the tour, which includes all of the sites in the North End, is a separate tour. Instead of doing that, though, we went to Union Oyster House for lunch and pigged out on seafood.

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